The Liesegang phenomenon

Periodic precipitation or the "Liesegang phenomenon" is a special type of chemical pattern formations. It has been discovered by a German chemist and photographer, Raphael Eduard Liesegang in 1896 but did not have any general explanation more than a century ago.

The present pages are devoted to such a general theory called IDNB and developed until 2003. (The name has been given to the model by one of its great enthusiasts.)

The goal of this website is twofold.

On one hand I would like to demonstrate the capabilities of this new model. The other aim is to show what can be achieved using the ReaDiVivus simulation system and asking "what if" type questions about a scientific problem that was unsolved more than a century ago.

Good luck Herr Liesegang! Questions and comments are welcome.

András Büki

Material closed: 1st of September 2003
Published on the web: 19th of April 2007
Last modified: 19th of April 2007

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